On this site you will find all our availble appartments. When you are interested in one of our apartments you can fill in the form at the bottom of the page of the relevant appartment. You can also send an email to or you can call (during office hours) to +31 6 57 55 15 08.
When you register at Rent a Room Delft, you will be the first to know when there becomes a new home available. You can subscribe by filling in your email address and name at the bottom of the website page. Also, you can fill in any wishes, which can help us find the perfect property for you.


Of course, you can also contact Rent a Room Delft by personal contact (telephone or email) to make sure we know everything about your wishes!
If you are interested in a property and want to view them, our agent will be pleased to plan a tour. Of course, you will be accompanied during the visit by the agent of Rent a Room Delft.

After the visit we will give you some time to think and consider. We ask you to give us notice of your interest in the property within 5 working days. This can be done by telephone or by email.

Liking the living space? Then the landlord will tell Rent a Room Delft of your interest. If the landlord accepts you as a tenant, Rent a Room Delft will make an appointment with you for handing over of the key. At that time the rental agreement will also be signed. To do this, we ask you to bring with you;

  • a valid identification document/visa or residence permit;
  • a copy of the employment;
  • a recent bank-giro Scripture.

With this information is of course carefully handled.
Rent a Room Delft sets the rental agreement, in which we also include any special provisions in addition to the standard information that the landlord has indicated. We will discuss this with you and when there are no further questions, these becomes signed.
When the home is viewed, details are known and the lease is signed, you will receive the keys handed over.